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Apple Music coming soon to Amazon Echo

Apple Music streaming support will become available from December 17 on Amazon Echo connected speakers. The announcement came without great fanfare, by a simple statement on Amazon site confirming this information. Still, that is actually the first time Apple service is provided on a connected speaker, aside from the Apple’s HomePod. “Music is among the…

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Bose Frame: smart sunglasses with augmented reality

American maker Bose, a leading sound expert, has introduced its original connected eyeglasses named Frames: sunglasses with built-in speakers and mic. Two versions are available with distinct fashions, but identical technology. Frames weighs 45 g and provide 3.5 hours listening and 12 hours standby. The eyeglasses connect to a smartphone through Bluetooth. The speakers are…

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DJI unveils OSMO Pocket, action camera with 3-axis stabilizing

Chinese maker DJI, specializing in recreational drones, has introduced the OSMO Pocket, a compact variant of its stabilized OSMO three-axis camera. The design was completely revised, however, the concept is still the same – a holding handle overhung by a camera. However, it is a lot more discreet with just 12 cm in height, contrary…

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Honda, NASA and CalTech announced alternative to Li-Ion batteries

Honda Research Institute associated with the California Institute of Technology and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory has created a battery which provides higher energy density and a better ecological balance than preceding battery technologies. The new battery chemistry supplies almost 10 times greater energy density and upward to ten times more energy than current battery tech….

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Microsoft Edge switches to Chromium rendering core

The rumors in the past months were correct, Microsoft really chose to switch to the same page rendering technology as Google Chrome in its default built-in Edge browser in Windows 10. In foreseeable future it’ll probably become part of all versions of Windows but also will be provided on Mac. The variant of Edge now…

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