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Apple Music coming soon to Amazon Echo

Apple Music streaming support will become available from December 17 on Amazon Echo connected speakers. The announcement came without great fanfare, by a simple statement on Amazon site confirming this information. Still, that is actually the first time Apple service is provided on a connected speaker, aside from the Apple’s HomePod.

Music is among the most well-known features of Alexa […] from the launch of Music Skill API we’ve expanded the music selection on Alexa to add new premium services. Alexa will start to offer Apple Music, one of popular music providers from the US,” stated Dave Limp, senior VP of Amazon Devices. Apple Music readers can ask Alexa to play music, or broadcast radio and stream artist interviews – a typical bundle for streaming audio services.

This announcement proves that tensions between Apple and Amazon have come to an end. A couple of weeks before, both groups signed a marketing agreement for selling recent Apple products on Amazon e-commerce platform. This arrangement stipulates that HomePod speaker can’t be sold on Amazon… but nevertheless, two firms have made visible concessions.