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Apple Music coming soon to Amazon Echo

Apple Music streaming support will become available from December 17 on Amazon Echo connected speakers. The announcement came without great fanfare, by a simple statement on Amazon site confirming this information. Still, that is actually the first time Apple service is provided on a connected speaker, aside from the Apple’s HomePod. “Music is among the…

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Bose Frame: smart sunglasses with augmented reality

American maker Bose, a leading sound expert, has introduced its original connected eyeglasses named Frames: sunglasses with built-in speakers and mic. Two versions are available with distinct fashions, but identical technology. Frames weighs 45 g and provide 3.5 hours listening and 12 hours standby. The eyeglasses connect to a smartphone through Bluetooth. The speakers are…

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DJI unveils OSMO Pocket, action camera with 3-axis stabilizing

Chinese maker DJI, specializing in recreational drones, has introduced the OSMO Pocket, a compact variant of its stabilized OSMO three-axis camera. The design was completely revised, however, the concept is still the same – a holding handle overhung by a camera. However, it is a lot more discreet with just 12 cm in height, contrary…

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